Apply As Instructor

The goal of our e-learning platform is to transfer as much knowledge as possible to everybody. For this reason we want to offer anyone the opportunity to become an instructor and have their own classroom. Becoming an instructor of the CEIPES e-learning platform is very easy, just follow a few simple steps.

How To Become A Teacher

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Anyone can become an instructor of the CEIPES e-learning platform, in a few simple steps. Once registered on our platform, simply fill in the "REGISTER TO BECOME A TEACHER" request form. You will be asked for your name, your email address and your phone number. Also write a message explaining what kind of lessons you want to do.
Once you have completed the request to become an instructor of the CEIPES e-learning platform, you can start uploading your first content! However, we recommend you to follow some simple rules: the content you upload to the CEIPES e-learning platform must be open source, original and must not be taken from other copyrighted documents.
In order to upload your content to the CEIPES e-learning platform, these must first be checked by our admin. Don't be afraid, if you have followed all the recommendations that we have given you, your content will soon be available online, for everyone. Thanks for being part of our family too.

The CEIPES team